Format Reviews Average Score First Review
Amiga 2 86% Sep 1989


Publisher: Infocom


Image Magazine Issue Published Reviewer(s) Pages Rating Adj Rating
Amiga Format Issue 3 Amiga Format 3 Sep 1989 Nick Walkland 0.60
89% 89%
Amiga Action Issue 1 Amiga Action 1 Sep 1989 Andy Mitchell, Steve Kennedy 2
82% 82%
Image Issue Comment Adj Rating
Amiga Action Issue 1 Amiga Action Issue 1
  • Lancelot from Level 9 missed the mark by trying to be factual. This game says, 'Forget the facts, feel the atmosphere'. AM
  • If you've tried text adventures before and found them frustrating and lacking in excitement, this could be the game that will change things for you.  SK