This magazine was priced at £2.95. This issue had a free music tape featuring Right Said Fred (Love For All Seasons) and Brooklyn (Bad Influence).


Switched On (Contents) - 2 pages (6-7)

Believe the Hype (Free Tape) - 2 pages (8-9)

Buyer's Guide - 16 pages (177-185, 188-194)


A Drop in the OCEAN - 2 pages (114-115)

The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt, Cool World, Lemmings, Lethal Weapon

To be this Good  Takes... DOMARK - 2 pages (116-117)

Super Space Invaders, Road Riot 4WD, Steel Talons, MiG-29 Fighter Pilot, Paperboy, Pit-Fighter, Klax, International Rugby

Super Kick Off - 2 pages (118-119)

The Midas Touch (US Gold) - 2 pages (120-121)

Street Fighter II, Star Wars: X-Wing, Flashback, Legends of Valour

Nigel Mansell's World Championship - 2 pages (122-123)

The Lasting Experience (MicroProse) - 3 pages (126-128)

Task Force 1942, The Legacy, ATAC: The Secret War Against Drugs, F-15 Strike Eagle III

Sonic 2 - 1 page (129)


Under the Influence - 2 pages (10-13)

It's more than just a computer games show. OK, it's got loads of games and fun but it also features lots of fascinating facts on the wide and wonderful world of computers. That's why ITV's new computer show can have the confident cheek to call itself Bad Influence! And we're the official Bad Influence! magazine, published in conjunction with the programme to give its millions of viewers more info on what the cameras show and behind-the-scenes lowdown on the shots that never got to the TV screens.

The Making of the Humanosaurs - 2 pages (14-15)

Brad and Deena are two of the world's last surviving Humanosaurs. Fortunately, both are heavily influenced by the passive human side of their nature and not the Dinosaur element. And they'll be the first to warn you about the more aggressive Humanosaurs still around. But how did Brad and Deena come to be chosen as counterparts to Andy Crane and Violet Berlin on the Bad Influence! TV show? Over to you, Brad and Deena...

He's Z - 5 pages (22-26)

Hunting sharks, meeting King Kong, burning up in fires and explosions, Journeying through the human body and flying across the surface of Venus are all in a days work for 15 year-old Z (pronounced Zee) Wright. The chirpy actor from the Queens suburb of New York is presenting a series of eight special reports from America for Bad Influence! and these are just a few of the exciting experiences he is sharing with TV viewers.

Worlds Apart in Virtual Reality - 2 pages (102-103)

W Industries are key manufacturers of virtual reality entertainment systems. Founded in 1987, they are one of the world's leading authorities on virtual reality and their continued growth is one giant success story. Their initial staff of 18 has now multiplied into an enthusiastic team of 60. In less than a year production has soared by more than 300 per cent and the Leicester based company are now forecasting a turnover for this year in excess of $11 million. JASON DUTTON meets the man behind the miracle.

The Andy Crane Interview - 2 pages (104-105)

Andy Crane has been synonymous with Children's Television for several years, with a list of hit children's TV programs to his credit. He now faces his stiffest challenge - as a presenter of the Bad Influence! TV show.

Data Blast! - 1 page (107)

Could this be the instant magazine of tomorrow?

The Shape of GAMES to Come - 1 page (108)

Before you know it, the arcade centre may soon be a thing of the past. Right now the stage is being set for much greater things, thanks to an ambitious linkup between video games giant Sega and famous toy shop chain Hamleys. The UK has always been last in line when it comes to the public release of computer technology - invariably a year behind the Japanese and American markets - but with Sega and Hamleys now building entertainment centres in the UK players all over Britain will soon have access to all this new and wonderful technology.

The Violet Berlin Interview - 2 pages (130-131)

Violet Berlin is presently writing video games reviews for the Observer newspaper. She has previously worked in television before, and with all this experience, now finds herself presenter of Bad Influence! alongside Andy Crane.


Game Title Publisher Format Reviewer Pages Pg No Bottom Line (%)
Street Fighter II Capcom SNES Brad Burton, Violet Berlin 4 28-31 96
Lemmings 2: The Tribes Psygnosis Amiga Paul Roundell 2 34-35 96
Spider-Man and the X-Men Acclaim SNES Steve McNally 3 36-38 90
Switchblade 2 Gremlin Atari Lynx Brad Burton 1 40 94
RoboCop 3 Ocean SNES Steve White 4 41-44 78
Bart's Nightmare Acclaim SNES Brad Burton 3 46-48 93
Dragon's Fury Domark Mega Drive Steve McNally, Andy Crane 2 52-53 93
Lotus Turbo Challenge Electronic Arts Mega Drive Paul Wooding 2 54-55 89
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender MicroProse PC Lance Concannon 4 56-59 90
Road Rash II Electronic Arts Mega Drive Mat Yeo 3 60-62 92
Spy vs Spy First Star Game Boy Andy Sharp 1 64 82
Dark Seed Cyberdreams PC Lance Concannon 2 66-67 80
Rampart Atari SNES Paul McNally 2 70-71 82
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Sierra PC Lance Concannon 2 72-73 87
Bomb Jack Infogrames Game Boy Sharon Greaves 1 74 82
Prince Valient Ocean NES Steve McNally 2 76-77 90
Pinball Fantasies 21st Century Amiga Peter Lee 2 78-79 93
Xenon 2 Renegade Game Boy Andy Sharp 1 80 64
Micro Machines Codemasters NES Ben Styles 2 82-83 86
James Bond: The Duel Domark Mega Drive Paul McNally, Violet Berlin 4 84-87 86
Axelay Konami SNES Paul McNally 2 88-89 93
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade US Gold Mega Drive Steve White 2 90-91 90
OutRun Europa US Gold Game Gear Steve White 1 92 80
Super Mario Kart Nintendo SNES Paul McNally 4 94-97 94
World Class LeaderBoard US Gold Mega Drive Steve White 2 98-99 86
Lemmings Ocean NES Steve McNally 2 100-101 92


Hints & Tips - 4½ pages (134-138)

Super Mario World (SNES) - Player's Guide - 5 pages (142-146)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) - Player's Guide - 5 pages (148-152)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Mega Drive) - Player's Guide - 3 pages (154-156)

Zool (Amiga) - Player's Guide - 6 pages (158-163)

Alien 3 (Mega Drive) - Player's Guide - 3 pages (164-166)

Street Fighter II (SNES) - Player's Guide - 5 pages (168-172)

Other CreditsEdit

Art & Design Editor

Ian Tindale

Assistant Editor

Frank O'Connor

Production Editor

Nick Merritt

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