This magazine was dated October 1983 and was a free supplement inside Micro User Issue 8


Well and truly launched - (3)

After months of speculation the Electron has been finally launched with all the glitter of a show business first night.


Expanding Electron - 1 page (12)

It doesn't look like much (Double sided, gold plated 50-way edge connector), but as Mike Cook explains, it is the gold-plated key to your expanding Electron.


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s)
Starship Command Acornsoft Peter Gray 0.25 15
Draughts & Reversi Acornsoft Nigel Peters 0.25 15
Monsters Acornsoft Peter Gray 0.25 15
Meteors Acornsoft Nigel Peters 0.25 15


Graphics - 2 pages (4-5) Capital Idea, What day were you born? - 1 page (7)

Casting Agency - 2 pages (8-9)

Sounds Exciting - 1 page (13)

Bomber Strike - 1 page (14)

Other CreditsEdit

From Micro User Issue 8

Features Editor

Mike Bibby

Technical Editor

Mike Cook

Art Editor

Peter Glover


Peter Gray, Nigel Peters

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You can find a DVD containing all of the Electron User magazines at Acorn Electron World