Issue dated November 1983 and priced at 75p.


Mosaic Publishing to produce adventure games based on books by science fiction authors, starting with The Pen and the Dark by Colin Kapp

Dragons Dungeon announces 4 new Dragon adventures: The Crystal Chalice of Quorum, The Temple of Zoren, Treasure Tombe and Giant's Chest

Sirius Software convert The Blade of Blackpoole to C64 and announce Gruds in Space for the Apple II and C64

Other games announced include:-

The Oracles Cave by Doric Computer Services for the Spectrum

Valhall by Legend for the Spectrum

My Name is Uncle Groucho...You Win a Fat Cigar by Automata for the Spectrum

Sherlock by Melbourne House for the Spectrum and C64

Wizardry III: The Legacy of Llylgamyn by Sir-Tech for the Apple II

Franklin's Tomb and Lost in Space by Salamander Software for the Dragon, with BBC and Oric versions to follow

Snowball by Level 9 for the C64, Spectrum, BBC, Camputer Lynx, Oric and Atari's

The Forest by Phipps Associates for the Spectrum


Caverns of Doom by Premier Microsystems for the Dragon

Caveman Adventure by Micro Power for the BBC

Conflict, Galaxy Conflict by Martech for the ZX81, Spectrum

Adventureland by Commodore for the VIC-20

Kraal's Kingdom by Buntasoft for the VIC-20

The Crypt by Carnell Software for the Spectrum

Secret Mission by Kew Enterprises for the VIC-20

Castle Adventure by Virgin Games for the Dragon

The Island by Superb Software for the C64

Hell's Temple by Kenema Associates for the Oric

The Quill by Gilsift for the Spectrum


Interview with Marc Blank and Joel Berez of Infocom

Tony Bridge tells who's who in the adventure game world

Andrew Briggs talks to the men behind BBC TV's "The Adventure Game"


Death Valley for the Dragon by Brian Lloyd

Star Frontiers Character Generator by Bob Collman

Mage Cage by Mike Moscoff for the Spectrum

Giants Gold by Paul Price for the VIC-20

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