Personal Computer World magazine settles out of court (£65,000) with Acornsoft after publishing how to break into their programs

Britain's three main political parties pull out of contest on Simon Hessel Software's Great Britain Ltd after learning they would be competing with a five year old.

New games announced by Alligata Software for the BBC and Electron. Eagle Empire, Neanderthal Man and Dambusters for the BBC. Bugblaster, Lunar Lander and Fruit Machine for Electron



Cylon Attack by A&F Software

3-Deep Space by Postern

Pengo by H. Soft


Snowball & Colossal Adventure by Level 9

Other SoftwareEdit

Peeko-Computer by Acornsoft


Urom 1.2 by J & H Software

Disc Doctor version 1.5 by Computer Concepts

Teletext Adapter by Acorn

Colour Lightpen by RH Electronics


Part 10 of Introduction to Programming

Error Checking programs by Ian Murray

Machine Code by Peter Walker

Sound Advice by Nigel Peters

Arrays by Peter Davidson

DIY Sideways ROM board

Beeb Body Building Course Part 12




Frogs 'n' Dogs by Sharon & Paul King and Dennis Ibbotson

Alien Invasion by Tom Blackburn

Other ProgramsEdit

Single Key Entry

EEC Atomatic Picture Gallery

Sound Experimenter by Andrew Reynolds

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You can find a DVD containing all of the Electron User magazines at Acorn Electron World