This 'Special Issue' was dated October 1999 and was priced at £4.99. This issue came with a free video.


Comin' Atcha! - Gary Cutlack, Jon Mahoney, Warren Chrismas (Pages 38-51)

Speed Devils - Steve Owen - (Pages 74-75)

TrickStyle - Steve Hill - (Pages 76-79)

Power Stone - Warren Chrismas - (Pages 80-81)

Monaco Grand Prix - Steve Owen - (Pages 88-89)

Virtua Fighter 3tb - Ed Lomas - (Pages 90-92)


Dreamcast Has Landed - (Pages 14-20)

Introduction, The Internet, The Hardware, The Games

Nine People and a Football Team - (Pages 24-34)

Interviews with Yuji Naka (Sega), Jean Francois Cecillon (Sega Europe), Jez San (Argonaut), Bob Dudani (CEX), Helen Arnold (Sega Europe), Steve Wilson (Electronics Boutique), Martyn Chudley (Bizarre Creations), Nicola Reeves (Startle), Vaughan Ardell (Director)

Old Skool - David McCandless & Charlie Brooker - (Pages 54-59)

The cast of Grange Hill invited round for an evening with the Dreamcast.

Out to Launch - Steve Owen - (Pages 96-99)

Four ODM readers take a look at four of the launch games.

The Future is Here, The Future is Now - David McCandless - (Pages 108-113)

The future for Sega, Sony and Nintendo

In the Hot Seat - Paul Finnegan of Rage Software - (Pages 128-129)


Game Title Publisher Reviewer(s) Pgs Pg Nos. Score
Sega Rally Championship 2 Sega Steve Hill 4 64-67 8
Sonic Adventure Sega Charlie Brooker 6 68-73 9
Blue Stinger Activision Steve Owen 4 82-85 7
Incoming Imagineer Steve Owen 1 93 6
Millennium Solider: Expendable Infogrames Steve Owen 2 94-95 7


Power Stone, Millennium Solider: Expendable, Hydro Thunder, Speed Devils, Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation, Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing

Other CreditsEdit

Art Director

Paul Kurzeja

Production Editor

Paul Henderson

Features Editor

Warren Chrismas

Senior Staff Writer

Ed Lomas

Staff Writers

Dan Trent, Stuart Dredge


Nick Allen, Gary Cutlack, Tanya Chalkin, Eddy Bowen, Charlie Brooker, Steve Double, Steve Hill, Daria Lindenberg, David McCandless, Jon Moore, Zed Nelson, Steve Owen, Adam Phillips, Caramel Quin, Richard Shoemaker, Hugh Threlfall

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