PC Player issue 1 was cover dated December 1993 and covered gaming on the PC.

PC Player newsEdit

Dungeon Master II, Rebel Assault, Archon Ultra, Fantasy Empires, The Elder Scrolls, Delta V, Evasive Action, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Star Trek 2: Judgement Rights, Starfleet Academy, Microcosm, Hired Guns, Innocent, Lawnmower Man, B. Wing, Lords of Power, Dracula Unleashed, Police Quest IV, Shadow of Darknes, Aces Over Europe, Aces of the Deep, Outpost, Ultima VIII, Jagged Alliance, SimCity Enhanced, SimAnt Enhanced, Tornado supplement disks, V For Victory IV, Harpoon II, Victory at Sea, Inca II, Litil Divil, Gabriel Knight, Subwar 2050, Starlord, Falcon SVGA, Lords of Midnight, Eye of the Beholder


Alone in the Dark 2 (2 pages) – Alex Simmons
Frontier: Elite II (2 pages) – John Davison
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father (1 page) – John Davison
Beneath A Steel Sky (2 pages) – John Davison
Stonekeep (4 pages) – John Davison
Fables and Fiends: The Hand of Fate (2 pages) – John Davison
Dreamweb (2 pages) – John Davison


Super Test
Combat simulators (8 pages)
Strike Commander (½ page)
F-15 Strike Eagle III (½ page)
Harrier Jump Jet (⅓ page)
F-177A (⅓ page)
Atac (⅓ page)
Tornado (⅓ page)
Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat (⅓ page)
Jet Fighter 2: Special Edition (⅓ page)
AV8B Harrier Assault (⅓ page)
Falcon 3.0 (½ page)
Expert Opinion: Mark Hanna (½ page)

The old flying machine company (2 pages) – John Davison
Is your 386 enough? (3 pages) – John Davison
Column: Rantings of the Poison Pen (1 page)
Column: Angry (1 page) – Stephen Harper


The games reviewed in the main section focused on strategy, adventure and simulation genre, while the more action orientated games were reviewed in the Games round-up section. Games were reviewed with a final rating out of 5 stars. The bigger reviews, which spread over multiples pages, also included development info, mini interviews and expert opinions.

Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Ov
TFX: Tactical Fighter Experiment Ocean John Davison 6 5
Privateer Electronic Arts Paul Mallinson 4 5
Return to Zork Activision Alex Simmons 6 4
Lost in Time Cocktel Vision Paul Mallinson 4 3
Cyber Race Cyberdreams Alex Simmons 2 3
Flight Simulator 5.0 Microsoft Keith Sloan 6 3
V For Victory: Gold-Juno-Sword Electronic Arts Robin Matthews 3 4
Darksun: Shattered Lands SSI Paul Mallinson 4 2
NFL Coaches Club Football Microprose Keith Sloan 5 3
Front Page Sports Football Pro Dynamix Alex Simmons 2 3
Kasparov’s Gambit Electronic Arts Julian Boardman & Daniel King 4 3
World War II: Battles of the South Pacific QQP/MIRage Alex Simmons 2 3

Games round-upEdit

Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Ov
Classic Golf Konami Alex Simmons 4
Battle Chess Interplay Alex Simmons 3
Lord of the Rings Interplay Alex Simmons 4
Blue Force Tsunami Alex Simmons 3
Pinball Dreams 21st Century Entertainment Alex Simmons 4
Goal Virgin Interactive Alex Simmons ¼ 2
Street Fighter II US Gold Alex Simmons ¼ 1

Players’ guidesEdit

Tornado (3 pages)
X-Wing (4 pages)

Other creditsEdit

Art Editor
Jason Simmons
Assitant Art Editor
Hugh Gollner
Deputy Editor
Paul Mallinson
Alex Simmons, Keith Sloan
Production Editor
Pam Norman
Production Assitant
Amanda Ellis
Robin Matthews, Stephen Harper, Julian Boardman, Nick Jones, Mark Hanna, Tim Metcalfe, Dave Renton, Brian Todd, Arthur Mushens, Daniel King
Hugh Gollner

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This issue is available in iDevice and full resolution editions at Out-of-Print Archive.


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