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Intellivision Mattel (1) N/A Dec 1981



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C+VG Issue 3 C+VG Issue 3 Original 1981/12/16 Intellivision UK Uncredited 78 N/A

C+VG Issue 3Edit

If you have a phobia about things which wriggle and grow, you'll want to stay well away from the screen when Snafu the snake game is being played.

The two snakes in the latest cartridge for the Intellivision home games centre, are not poisonous, they're the constricting variety. Their aim is to choke the life out of one-another by cutting down the living space in their two-dimensional world.

Take control of one snake and try to outwit your opponent as both creatures grow to gradually fill and cut-off areas of the screen.

It requires quick wits and some close control to succeed in out-manoeuvering the opponent's snake, forcing him to double back on himself, or maybe crash into the walls of the "pit", or his own bodily remains.

For sheer fast strategy it is a difficult game to beat. Keep one eye on your opponent's snake to see if he intends to cut you off from the bulk of the pit but make sure that your attention does not wander to the extent that you end up crashing yourself.

The game is marvellous proof that on computers simple ideas often work best.

Already a popular cartridge on other games centres, the Intellivision version costs £18.95 and is available from north London-based distributors, ACE.