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Atari 2600 Atari (1) N/A Jan 1982



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C+VG Issue 4 C+VG Issue 4 Original 1982/01/16 Atari 2600 UK Uncredited 18 N/A

C+VG Issue 4Edit

Being trapped in a small space means horror for the claustrophobic and Super Breakout will have them crying out in anguish.

The only way to get out of the dilemma is to dislodge the bricks above you which are four layers deep. On either side of these layers the walls hem you in so you are truly trapped.

Super Breakout is one of the latest games for the Atari Video Computer System following the traditional version. Five different variations of play are included in the package, regular Breakout, Double Breakout, Cavity Break-out and Progressive Breakout. All for one or two players.

At the bottom of the screen is a bat which you control, using the Atari's compatible paddles. When the game kicks off a ball is served into the play area which you have to bounce off your block to make it rebound against the coloured bricks at the top of the screen.

Each brick you successfully knock out disappears from the screen and you are awarded points.

Bricks in the first two rows of the regular game go for one point each. The second and third rows are worth three points each and the fifth and sixth ones will net you five per brick, and the seventh and eighth rows bricks earn you seven points each.

Depending on the game variation you play and certain stages reached in the play the points are sometimes doubled or tripled. On Double Breakout the maximum score is infinite, so you can go on building up a high score indefinitely.

Another feature is a children's version making the game easier if you want to let the kids let rip. The difference is that the speed of the game is slowed down so you have more time to react and judge the best place to position your bat to hit the ball.

The cartridge sells for £14.95, from Atari distributors.