The Summer 1983 issue of TV Gamer cost 95p.


Getting into Video Gaming - 2 pages (6-7)

New gamers - and parents of young games fans! - should find this a useful introduction to how it all started, and to what's going on today in the world of TV gaming.

Your Guide to Review Listings - 2 pages (8-9)

Gamers' Glossary - 3 pages (47-49)



Vectrex System Review - 2 pages (12-13)

Game Title Publisher Pg No(s) Comment
Armor Attack MB Electronics 14 A must for all those who enjoyed playing Atari Combat.
Berzerk MB Electronics 14 The game itself is highly enjoyable and it should please all fans of the arcade game who were a little disappointed with the VCS version.
Blitz MB Electronics 14 If you're not a US Football addict, this game won't really appeal, but all fans will find it pleasing.
Clean Sweep MB Electronics 14 A fairly successful attempt at a maze game using Vector graphics, the first of its kind in fact, either in the home or arcade.
Cosmic Chasm MB Electronics 15 This is certainly one of the most challenging and exciting Vectrex space games around.
Hyperchase MB Electronics 15 On the whole an absorbing game, although Vector graphics are less realistic than Raster graphics on car games.
Mine Storm MB Electronics 15 Both challenging and impressive to look at, this is to date probably the best game to come with a console. A game that should have long lasting appeal.
Rip Off MB Electronics 15 A nice fast game with good graphics and sound but it doesn't have quite the same appeal as Scramble or Cosmic Chasm
Scramble MB Electronics 16 This is by far the best game in this category around at the moment and it is the first cartridge you should buy if you're getting or already have a Vectrex.
Solar Quest MB Electronics 16 Certainly one of the better space games available for the Vectrex.
Space Wars MB Electronics 16 Altogether a highly enjoyable game and definitely one to add to your game library.
Star Trek MB Electronics 16 An addictive game, as players are always keen to improve on their last performance and push up their PB.
Starhawk MB Electronics 16 A simple game for those who don't want to tax their brains.


Atari 2600 System Review - 2 pages (18-19)

Game Title Publisher Pg No(s) Comment
Adventure Atari 20 This game is arguably one of the best role-playing games to come from Atari.
Air-Sea Battle Atari 20 All in all a value for money game.
Amidar Parker Bros. 20 N/A
Asteroids Atari 20 In short a very nice game but devoted fans of the coin-op may be better off with a Vectrex.
Atlantis Imagic 20 N/A
Backgammon Atari 20 A reasonable version of the popular board game with a fairly challenging one player version.
Barnstorming Activision 20 Some very nice graphics are used, but the game could perhaps become boring after a while.
Basic Maths Atari 20 An early game now showing its age.
Basic Programming Atari 20 Put together the price of a cartridge and the controllers and you could almost buy a computer designed specially for the job.
Basketball Atari 20 N/A
Berzerk Atari 20-21 All in all a very good game and quite a successful coin-op/VCS translation.
Bowling Atari 21 Among the best of the early sports simulations to come from Atari.
Boxing Activision 21 One of the better sport simulations.
Brain Games Atari 21 For the price of the game and controllers, you'd be advised to buy a purpose made toy.
Breakout Atari 21 N/A
Bridge Activision 21 N/A
Carnival CBS Electronics 21 A faithful representation of the arcade hit by Sega/Gremlin.
Casino Atari 21 A reasonable attempt at a game transfer but it would be far cheaper to buy a pack of cards and invite a friend round.
Centipede Atari 21 A good old-fashioned shoot 'em up with a novel twist to it. Very pleasing graphics and sound, which are both very similar to the coin-op.
China Syndrome Spectravision 22 N/A
Chopper Command Activision 22 The game overall is so similar to Defender that fans of Defender should find it very appealing.
Circus Atari Atari 22 One of the best games using paddles.
Codebreaker Atari 22 Definitely not the most original game Atari has ever produced, but many people should enjoy this brain teaser.
Combat Atari 22 N/A
Concentration Atari 22 N/A
Cosmic Ark Imagic 22 N/A
Cross Force Spectravision 22 A good addition to any space gamer's library.
Defender Atari 22 Bearing in mind the limitations of both hardware and software Bob Pularo has done an incredibly good job with Defender.
Demon Attack Imagic 23 A nice fast game with a genuine arcade feel about it.
Demons to Diamonds Atari 23 N/A
Dishaster ZiMAG 23 Dishaster may be enjoyed by very young gamers, but it is not sophisticated enough for any battle-hardened arcade gamers.
Dodge 'Em Atari 23 N/A
Donkey Kong CBS Electronics 23 Obviously the game is by no means as complex as the Coleco version graphically but possibly superior to the Intellivision version.
Dragonfire Imagic 23 A great cartridge, featuring good graphics, sound and play value.
Dragster Activision 23 Although not remarkable, the graphics are serviceable and assist to make quite a pleasing game.
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Atari 23-24 Adventure buffs will probably cringe at this game as will older E.T. fans, but younger gamers seem to enjoy it.
Fire Fighter Imagic 24 A pleasant game that is moderately challenging but the novelty may soon wear off and boredom could set in.
Fishing Derby Activision 24 Neither the graphics or sound are up to much but it may interest armchair anglers.
Freeway Activision 24 The graphics and the sound make this game highly entertaining and good fun for everyone, not just the kids.
Frogger Parker Bros. 24 A nice game for fans of the arcade version, and for all those who like humouress games that are both easy to grasp yet remain challenging to the veteran.
Frogs and Flies Mattel 24-25 A nice game for younger gamers but possibly a bit easy for older ones.
Galaxian Atari 25 The graphics are much better (than Space Invaders), and for those who are still great fans of the game it's a good game to upgrade to.
Gangster Alley Spectravision 25 Nicely done but a bit boring after a while.
Golf Atari 25 Not too difficult to master after a bit of practice.
Gorf CBS Electronics 25 Certainly a very challenging game.
Grand Prix Activision 25 A must for all racing car gamers.
Hangman Atari 25 As nothing is added transferring it to the screen it's poor value for money.
Haunted House Atari 25 Atari's follow-up to their highly innovative game Adventure is by comparison a little disappointing.
Human Cannonball Atari 25 Quite nice graphics are used here.
Ice Hockey Activision 25 Ice Hockey fans may like it but we found the VCS version far weaker than the Intellivision.
Indy 500 Atari 25 At a price of £29.95 this represents a good purchase.
International Soccer Mattel 28 Not only is it better than the Atari version but at a tenner it's also a lot cheaper.
I Want my Mummy ZiMAG 28 Younger gamers enjoyed this game immensely and its challenging enough to keep them interested for quite some time
Kaboom Activision 28 The game is graphically exciting.
Laser Blast Activision 28 This is an excellent cartridge bearing in mind its age, and well worth its price.
Lock 'n' Chase Mattel 28 A very nice variation on the Pac-Man type theme and one well done with some reasonable graphics and sound.
Lost Luggage Apollo 28 Good fun for the kids, but older gamers may prefer Kaboom.
Math Gran Prix Atari 28 Certainly a lot more entertaining than its predecessor.
Maze Craze Atari 28 A highly enjoyable game which would appeal to all those who find Pac-Man a little tame.
Megamania Activision 28 A first rate space game from Activision.
Miniature Golf Atari 28 An entertaining game.
Missile Command Atari 29 Many people have said this is one of the best arcade/VCS translations to date, and certainly it is an excellent cartirdge bearing in mind the limited memory space available on the VCS.
Mouse Trap CBS Electronics 29 N/A
Ms. Pac-Man Atari 29 In short if you liked Pac-Man you'll love Ms. Pac-Man.
The Challenge of Nexar Spectravision 29 A nice simple game that is both challenging and attractive whilst not being too complicated for younger gamers.
Night Driver Atari 29 N/A
Othello Atari 29 N/A
Outlaw Atari 29 N/A
Pac-Man Atari 29 Although a very good and very addictive game, it is not a good copy of the arcade coin-op.
Pele's Soccer Atari 29 One of the best sports games to come from Atari.
Phoenix Atari 30 This should certainly appeal to Demon Attack lovers as it is a first rate game of its type.
Pitfall Activision 30 Pitfall is certainly one of the best adventure games currently on the market for the VCS.
Planet Patrol Spectravision 30 A very good space game.
Racquetball Apollo 30 The video version is very good, not because it is a faithful representation but because it is a lot of fun to play.
Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari 30 A fascinating game that takes some working out.
Reactor Parker Bros. 30-31 Although not a particularly accurate simulation it is a very good game with plenty of action in it.
Riddle of the Sphinx Imagic 31 A first rate adventure game.
River Raid Activision 31 In short, an exciting game.
Room of Doom CommaVid 31 The graphics and sound aren't up to much but this is more than compensated for by the challenging gameplay.
Sea Quest Activision 31 N/A
Shark Attack Apollo 31 This is certainly one of the best games to come from Apollo.
Skeet Shoot Apollo 31 This game gets the vote as the worst game available for the VCS.
Skiing Activision 31 A very good cartridge.
Sky Diver Atari 31 N/A
Slot Racers Atari 32 Poor graphics mar this game.
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle CBS Electronics 32 N/A
Space Cavern Apollo 32 It's a fairly mindless game that doesn't require much brainpower at all.
Space Invaders Atari 32 Of all the video games, this is probably the one that has aged the best, and buffs will regard it as a must for their collections.
Space War Atari 32 Although it does show its ages slightly it is still a challenging game and pretty good value.
Spacechase Apollo 32 The game has a poor appearance as it's strung together in rather an amateur way.
Spider Fighter Activision 32 N/A
Spider-Man Parker Bros. 32 A fun game which features some nice graphics but fans of super heroes would be better off with Superman.
Stampede Activision 32 N/A
Starmaster Activision 32 A highly challenging game that seems to have more appeal than Star Raiders.
Star Raiders Atari 33 All in all a good game, but Starmaster has a slight edge.
Star Voyager Imagic 33 All in all a very nice game in the Star Raiders genre but not quite as good as Starmaster.
Star Wars: Jedi Arena Parker Bros. 33 Good graphics and good sound help this idea along tremendously
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Parker Bros. 33 A must for anyone fond of scrolling shoot 'em ups in the Defender style.
Street Racer Atari 33 N/A
Super Breakout Atari 37 N/A
Superman Atari 37 N/A
Surround Atari 37 Graphics aren't up to much, the sound will drive you potty but the game itself is fun.
Tanks But No Tanks ZiMAG 37 The graphics on this game are adequate and certainly better than those of Atari's Combat. It should appeal to all those who still play Combat without getting bored.
Tape Worm Spectravision 37 A great game for all those who liked surround.
Tennis Activision 37 The best sport simulation of all time for the VCS.
3D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari 37 Quite a good screen translation of a board game.
Trick Shot Imagic 38 The graphics are good but the sound leaves something to be desired.
Tron: Deadly Discs Mattel 38 The game looks deceptively simple at first, but in fact is very challenging.
Vanguard Atari 38 The graphics are truly excellent.
Venture CBS Electronics 38 An interesting game but nowhere near as good as its sister version for Colecovision.
Video Checkers Atari 38 Unless you're a real addict of the game, rather limited in its interest.
Video Chess Atari 38 N/A
Video Oympics Atari 38 The graphics and sound are unremarkable but the cartridges worth buying, if only as a record of how unsophisticated video games were only five years ago.
Video Pinball Atari 38 Compared with all the other Pinball games around for video, this one is about the best to date and certainly a lot cheaper lhan buying a pinball machine.
Volleyball Atari 40 It may fail to generate much interest unless you're a fan of the sport.
Warlords Atari 40 At first glance this game looks a bit crude and simple but it's worth pursuing. It's a fast-moving, all action cartridge with some nice graphic touches.
Wizard of Wor CBS Electronics 40 One of the best and most challenging maze games around.
Yars' Revenge Atari 40 It's a pleasant change to discover an original space game, and even better to find one as good as this.
Zaxxon CBS Electronics 40 N/A

The Star Wars Saga continues... in Video Games - 1¼ pages (36-37)

Featuring Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle and Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi - Ewok Adventure


Colecovision System Review - 2 pages (42,44)

Game Title Publisher Pg No(s) Comment
Carnival CBS Electronics 45 The graphics and sound are far superior to those in either the VCS or the Intellivision versions.
Cosmic Avenger CBS Electronics 45 The graphics and sound effects are very good indeed and the game should appeal to all Scramble fans and Space gamers.
Donkey Kong CBS Electronics 45 The resemblance to the coin-op version is quite staggering.
Gorf CBS Electronics 45 N/A
Ladybug CBS Electronics 45 Worth buying if you're desperate for Pac-Man on the Coleco system.
Mouse Trap CBS Electronics 46 This game runs rings around Pac-Man.
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle CBS Electronics 46 Both the graphics and sound on this game are marvellous. Children will love it.
Turbo CBS Electronics 46 Well worth the initial outlay since the controller is included and visually it is the most exciting driving game around.
Wizard of Wor CBS Electronics 46 The Coleco version is very faithful indeed to the arcade game.
Zaxxon CBS Electronics 46 All in all, this is about the best video game translation from arcade to home so far produced.


Intellivision System Review - 2 pages (50-51)

Game Title Publisher Pg No(s) Comment
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Mattel 52 Among the best of the 1982 releases and still an exciting game.
Armor Battle Mattel 52 All in all very good value and far better than Atari's Combat.
Astrosmash Mattel 52 One of the better space games from Mattel but by no means the best.
Atlantis Imagic 52 This fast, exciting game combines interesting graphics and good sound effects.
Auto Racing Mattel 52 The graphics are excellent and the cars are not too difficult to handle, so younger gamers have an equal chance at this.
B-17 Bomber Mattel 52 The graphics, sound and gameplay combine to make a very challenging game.
Backgammon Mattel 52 A good buy if you like the game.
Baseball Mattel 53 A good job is done of translating this genuine slice of American life.
NBA Basketball Mattel 53 A great game if you like the sport.
Beauty and the Beast Imagic 53 This exciting game has, if anything, a slight edge over the Coleco version of Donkey Kong for Intellivision.
PBA Bowling Mattel 53 The graphics as well as the sound are good. If you like Bowling then you'll enjoy this cartridge
Boxing Mattel 53 In short, the best boxing game currently on the market.
BurgerTime Mattel 53 An unusual but quite entertaining game.
Carnival CBS Electronics 53 The graphics in this are not up to the standards either of the VCS or Colecovision versions, and therefore the cartridge is not a recommended buy.
Checkers Mattel 53 Although slightly better than the VCS version, this video of the popular board game is still not worth the pnce of the console and the cartridge just to play draughts.
Chess Mattel 53 N/A
Demon Attack Imagic 53 N/A
Donkey Kong CBS Electronics 56 Similar to the Colecovision version except for slightly poorer graphics.
Dracula Imagic 56 Altogether good fun as well as being continually challenging.
Dragonfire Imagic 56 All in all a challenging game, but not as difficult as the VCS version.
Frog Bog Mattel 56 Young kids love this game but most of the older gamers will quickly find it boring.
Frogger Parker Bros. 56 The general opinion is that Parker could have done better given the distinct memory advantage of the Intellivision system.
PGA Golf Mattel 56 Quite a good game but not really an accurate simulation of golf, if that's what you are looking for.
Gorf CBS Electronics 57 Not a bad cartridge as long as you don't compare it with the same game on the Coleco system and see what you're missing.
Horse Racing Mattel 57 A game which provides a lot of entertainment.
NHL Hockey Mattel 57 A very good cartrifge if you like the sport.
Ice Trek Imagic 57 A refreshingly different game, which requires several kinds of skills in order to succeed. A first rate cartridge.
Lock 'n' Chase Mattel 57 A lot of fun and altogether one of the better arcade-based games from Mattel.
Loco-Motion Mattel 57 A game that requires about five hands.
Math Fun Mattel 57 An educational game that's also a lot of fun to play.
Microsurgeon Imagic 57 A game which will probably appeal only to a few.
Mission X Mattel 57 Great game for all those who enjoyed B-17 Bomber.
Night Stalker Mattel 58 Quite a compelling game but try it out before you buy it to make sure it appeals to you.
Pitfall Activision 58 Well worth a try.
Las Vegas Blackjack and Poker Mattel 58 Very entertaining even if you're not a heavy gambler.
Reversi Mattel 58 An interesting game but not really exciting video game material.
Royal Dealer Mattel 58 The graphics used in the cartridge are pretty good.
Las Vegas Roulette Mattel 58 Good fun for anyone who likes to gamble.
Sea Battle Mattel 58 Still one of the best battle games available from Mattel.
Sharp Shot Mattel 58 Preview
Skiing Mattel 60 One of the better skiing video games at the moment.
Snafu Mattel 60 A great family game.
Soccer Mattel 60 Soccer certainly beats Atari's cartridge of the same name.
Space Armada Mattel 60 If this is your type of game and you're used to arcade speed then forget Space Armada.
Space Battle Mattel 60 This is certainly one worth getting if you're a space game fanatic.
Space Hawk Mattel 60 Although original, the game can become boring after a while.
Space Spartans Mattel 60 This game is a must for all Intellivision Space Gamers.
Stampede Activision 60 N/A
Star Strike Mattel 60 This is certainly a cartridge to get if you're a Space gamer or fancy yourself as Luke Skywalker.
Sub Hunt Mattel 60 A good game for Sea Battle fans.
Swords & Serpents Imagic 60-61 N/A
Tennis Mattel 61 Young players can't handle the rather intricate controls, which gives older gamers a distinct advantage.
Triple Action Mattel 61 Pretty good value for money if you like the subject matter.
Tron: Deadly Discs Mattel 61 A game with appeal for most ages of gamer.
Tron: Maze-A-Tron Mattel 61 Unless you're a real Tron fan, this game is not worth buying.
Tron: Solar Sailor Mattel 61 If you're going to buy a Tron game, then get this one.
NFL Football Mattel 61 N/A
Utopia Mattel 62 If this sounds like the sort of game for you, bear in mind that one game can last all day, literally.
Vectron Mattel 62 Preview
Winter Olympics Mattel 62 Preview
Wizard of Wor CBS Electronics 62 Good quality graphics and sound but a little sluggish in terms of control.
Word Fun Mattel 62 Well worth the outlay if you have young children.

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Colin Crosby, Darrin Williamson, Richard Whinfrey, Peter Byron

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