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Arcade Sega (1) N/A Jun 1982



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C+VG Issue 9 C+VG Issue 9 Original 1982/06/18 Arcade UK Uncredited 27 N/A

C+VG Issue 9Edit

Realism is the name of the arcade racing game. Turbo bears more resemblance to the real thing than it does to the arcade industry's first primitive attempts to provide Grand Prix thrills.

It features a small diameter racing steering wheel, a two-speed gear stick and an accelerator pedal.

But the main improvement is the marvellous graphics capabilities which puts a whole variety of backgrounds and racing conditions on the screen.

The scene is a cross country race to test your road-handling skills. The Turbo course winds through busy city centres, across narrow suspension bridges through dark tunnels and open stretches of country.

The driver's capabilities are further put to the test by some sudden changes to the road conditions. These range from surprise snow flurries to reckless competitors — and even include an emergency routed ambulance.

The points score can be the fastest moving thing on the screen as the driver weaves from side to side and changes quickly down to avoid an otherwise inevitable crash.

Drivers can monitor their progress and race position by a quick glance up at the readouts at the top of the screen, which tell how many cars have been passed and the time remaining.

Any first lap collisions send the driver back to the start — after that collisions result in a screen-filling crash.

Extended play bonuses are awarded to drivers who have passed sufficient cars with time to spare.

Some particularly dangerous parts of the course are: the rolling rural hills, where road dips can obscure the cars ahead; the dimly-lit tunnels where cars appear suddenly out of the blackness; the ocean front palisade where tight corners around a high wall also restrict the views ahead.