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Arcade Sega (1) N/A Jul 1982



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C+VG Issue 10 C+VG Issue 10 Original 1982/07/16 Arcade UK Uncredited 26 N/A

C+VG Issue 10Edit

The deep blue fortress of Zaxxon floats in space at the frontier of a third dimension in arcade games.

It is heavily armoured with missiles, cannons and forcefields and your mission is to fly through its defences to destroy the deadly robot and its homing missile.

Over the wall and the enemy fortress is mapped out in marvellous detail before you. One hand on the joystick and the other on the fire button you can see the ranks of missiles, the green cannons and red fuel tanks. Planes are waiting on the runways beneath and these can be strafed for extra points while blown-up fuel tanks provide extra fuel as you fly deeper into the fortress.

The control stick allows you to bank left and right and change altitude. You can judge your height by the size of the player ship, which appears larger or smaller, depending on altitude. And there is also a shadow which follows its every move.

Altitude is critical when you fly through the tiny gaps between the walls and the electronic barrier. If you survive the enemy barrage in the fortress, you next have to take on the enemy fleet. It's made more realistic as you have to be at the correct altitude to score a hit on the enemy planes. Once through the dog-fight, you are involved in a new battle at the enemy headquarters. This is a better defended fortress with tighter passages and increasingly heavy firepower.

The climax of Zaxxon is the battle with the armoured robot and its homing missile. Here six hits are needed before the missile and robot are vanquished.